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CS-X3 Citrus

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Fresh citrus with orange and vanilla.

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Product Description

New Eikosha. Air Spencer CS-X3. New design, proven odors. The smell of CS-X3 has a housing in the form of a “cassette”, which is made of high quality plastic with an elegant smooth finish. In our offer we are also available separately cartridges for each enclosure.
His appearance perfectly fit in the interior of any car.

  • From the bottom product has a sticker for mounting on the cockpit

  1. How to use 
    • Open the box with the smell
    • Unpack the smell and then place it in the cassette
    • Place smell anywhere in the car.

  2. Content
    • Air Spencer CS-X3 cassette.
    • One Refill Air Spencer (kind of fragrance specified in the offer)


Be sure not to place the smell in the outbreak of the airbags!

If you want order air freshener, please send message to us:

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