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Cantule Whity Musk

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Aldehydic floral musky, sweety

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Product Description

It’s news from Eikosha fresheners. Cantule from japanes – “Kiang-Tiule”. Special cartridge (basket) cans Air Spencer. With it you can direct source of the smell in your car. Cantul is a patented design by Eikosha. Slide the basket in plastic ventilation grid and you will enjoy a unique fragrance throughout the car. Airflow easily fill the entire auto hint of smell and by him will be able to adjust its intensity.


  1. Usage
  • Open the box
  • Unpack the box smell and then place it in the cassette
  • Plug all of the air vents according to instructions on the label.
  1. Includes
  • Basket of plastic black
  • Smell of Air Spencer (kind of fragrance specified in the offer)

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