Dry Squash

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Sparkling cologne with touch of ginger.

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Product Description

Why Eikosha:


Since 1980, the Japanese company Eikosha was started unbreakable production of innovative air freshener – created also the name used for this product group: AIR SPENCER. And what is most amazing: Since 1980, the process and the method of production has not changed !!! In this period they were introduced new fragrances. To this day, they are very popular in Japan. There are over 30 kinds, exceptional and unforgettable scents. This all means quality!

Everything is manufactured in Japan, next to the picturesque city of Kyoto.


The secret of Eikosha is locked in a box. Chalk (ceramics), soaked contribution and a special “frame” for optimal air circulation. All this to the scent linger long, he was not choking on hot summer days, he does not freeze up in the winter and was friendly to passengers. Why all this? – The manufacturer can use wooden blocks to quickly release the smell in the first days of use and then pass by an open window. In this case, the odor intensity with each passing day exponentially decreases. I did not want to.

The main idea behind Eikosha are – unique, pleasant and natural fragrance. Among the many types certainly everyone will find something for everyone.

You say: fragrance stability, we say: to 6 months !!!

This is not abstract! Fragrances Air Spencer persist up to 6 months. This is possible thanks to technology developed by Eikosha and obtained a patent in Japan. Box has two lids and a plastic cover, which can reduce evaporation. You adjust it yourself. When you want to enhance the flavor, the second lid open and enjoy the subsequent weeks.

How to use:

  1. Open paper carton and remove the can.
  2. Open the top cover of the box and put it on the plastic cover.
  3. You can put it anywhere in the car. Remember to avoid the placement of cans over airbags.


The upper lid open after unpacking and covered with plastic lid. When the smell is less intense you can remove the lid. Dole lid open usually to maximize the release of smell – we recommend only the odor intensity decreases. We do not recommend opening at the beginning of use of the two lids odor due to the smell becomes too intense.

If you want order air freshener, please send message to us: info@eiko-sha.eu

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